The National Women Soccer League is standing strong and happy today as it was revealed by Nike that they’ve extended their contract with the NWSL until 2019. This came as a shock as many suspected that Nike would opt out of extending the contract in order to go down other advertising avenues. Luckily this isn’t the case.


This sponsorship deal has been key to the survival of the NWSL as no other professional women soccer league in the United States of America has survived more than three years. The NWSL launched back in 2013, they’ve only operated for nearly three years but this extension on their contract ensures that they’ll be playing for at least another three years. It’ll make them the longest standing professional women soccer sporting league in US History.

This sponsorship extension has also allowed for these women to be granted with brand new Nike Football Shoe’s, Nike Apparel and Nike Uniforms for the team. This upgrade in their equipment could allow for the teams in this sporting league to have the extra boost they need. This in return could make the soccer they play for more exciting.
Nike will also be supplying the official game ball for the NWSL. This isn’t surprising as Nike is truly the biggest sporting giant in the world, they create all of the official game balls for an array of different sports. The biggest being basketball & soccer. Hopefully we will see the National Women’s Soccer League become beloved & famous in the upcoming years.

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