The Toronto Football Club, a soccer team that’s a part of Major League Soccer unfortunately are no longer a part of the MLS Playoffs. This nine year old MLS Team finally made their way to the playoffs for the first time in the clubs history but as one of the newer teams, older & more skilled team “The Montreal Impacts” were able to defeat TFC by 3-0. This has lead Toronto fans all over the city to be upset as this was the first time that their football team had made a mark in the MLS.


This means that both professional sporting teams in Toronto that were both in their respective playoffs lost to other teams. This has Toronto fans everywhere holding their heads in shame. It seems that Toronto is one of those cities that can never claim a title once again in the realm of hockey, baseball and soccer. The only team that does any good is the Toronto Argonauts, an American Football team.

Analysts and experts state that this is the coach’s fault as Toronto FC has individual players who do incredibly well on their own but they don’t interact with the rest of the team well. While the Montreal Impacts have individual incredible players who also work well with one another, making for a brutal and unstoppable force on the field.

It’s expected that the TFC Coach will be told to revise his coaching techniques or be fired so that a new coach can come on. The new coach will be told to get the individual players to work well as a team.

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