Violence is an epidemic for the “Professional Greece Football League”. The league is plagued by violence, so much so that visiting teams aren’t allowed to have their fans attend the events as attacking and occasional murders used to be a result. This match which took place against Panathinaikos and archrival’s Olympaikos was canceled after Panathinaikos fans light flames & stormed their own beloved team’s gates. Once in the stands flares were shot at Olympaikos fans, the captain being injured in the process.


Police quickly arrived on the scene within only a minute as officers were only a hundred feet await from the gates. Those at the event were quoted by media officials with saying, “This was the most horrific riot I’ve ever seen.” And so much more. Apparently an un-identifiable amount of people were attacked in the process, fan on fan violence starting to occur. Players found themselves rushing from the field in order to stay hidden in the locker rooms, it wasn’t until two hours later when police cleared the back streets as being safe that players were allowed to leave the facility.

This issue is becoming so large that the league is unaware as to what they’re going to do in the future. Fans aren’t willing to end the violence which may cause for the league to be terminated. Hopefully this won’t happen but as violence increases, a player’s fear does as well, same with the coaches and referees. Olympaikos’s team manager had no statements to make to the media.

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