Prince William & Prince Harry showcased once again what it’s like to be royalty. This 2015 Christmas’s Eve wasn’t spent by the fireplace with some hot chocolate. No, instead these two men attended a charity soccer event in Norfolk, England. This is actually a royal tradition that has been practiced for decades. These princes kept up the tradition this year but changed it up slightly, instead of playing on opposing teams they decided to play with one another on the same team. This in turn made for some unique plays which showcased the prince’s athletics.

Prince William & Prince Harry

It should be expected that Prince Harry would be athletically fit as he used to be a part of the British Armed Forces, so much so that he participated in the Afghanistan War. Prince William on the other hand is starting to reach old age, now married with one child and a second on the way, his age was evident as a factor as his brother did have more stamina as well as shots on net. Never the less both of these prince’s had equal time on the field & both made astonishing players within the ninety minutes of game time.

These princes’ later met up with their family to spend the holiday’s with one another as Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton were not in attendance this year. Whatever the royal family has in store you can be ensured that Grandma (Queen Elizabeth II) will lead the way for the festivities with her loving family by her side.

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