Brazil is often a country filled with crime, it’s not shocking to see paid off police or government officials. This is what many are believing is what happened with Brazilian Pan Am soccer player “Lucas Domingues Piazon” whom was charged with Sexual Assault while he was playing in the games in Toronto, Ontario. The Ontario Authorities have placed a warrant out for his arrest, meaning if he ever returns to the province he will instantly be arrested on site. He was also prosecuted for his crimes in Brazil as well, committing a global offence such as this has multiple repercussions. Charges were laid but they’ve now been dropped in only a manner on months. Many believe it’s due to him using his funds to pay off government & authority officials.


Piazon hasn’t been able to been reached for any comments or interviews since these charges were first made back on October 29th, 2015. This only made him look that much guiltier. No one knows as to what is next for this young twenty-one-year-old man but you can be ensured that no football team will take him on after these tremendous allegations & extreme global recognitions.

The evidence pertaining towards him paying off these officials is that 27-year-old, Thye Mattos Ventura Bezerra has a warrant out for his arrest in Brazil right now for similar crimes he committed at the Pan Am games on July 18th. If these bribes come to light, then you can be ensured that not only these officials but Mr. Piazon himself will be arrested hours after it’s been revealed.

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