Brazil is often a country filled with crime, it’s not shocking to see paid off police or government officials. This is what many are believing is what happened with Brazilian Pan Am soccer player “Lucas Domingues Piazon” whom was charged with Sexual Assault while he was playing in the games in Toronto, Ontario. The Ontario Authorities have placed a warrant out for his arrest, meaning if he ever returns to the province he will instantly be arrested on site. He was also prosecuted for his crimes in Brazil as well, committing a global offence such as this has multiple repercussions. Charges were laid but they’ve now been dropped in only a manner on months. Many believe it’s due to him using his funds to pay off government & authority officials.


Piazon hasn’t been able to been reached for any comments or interviews since these charges were first made back on October 29th, 2015. This only made him look that much guiltier. No one knows as to what is next for this young twenty-one-year-old man but you can be ensured that no football team will take him on after these tremendous allegations & extreme global recognitions.

The evidence pertaining towards him paying off these officials is that 27-year-old, Thye Mattos Ventura Bezerra has a warrant out for his arrest in Brazil right now for similar crimes he committed at the Pan Am games on July 18th. If these bribes come to light, then you can be ensured that not only these officials but Mr. Piazon himself will be arrested hours after it’s been revealed.

Prince William & Prince Harry showcased once again what it’s like to be royalty. This 2015 Christmas’s Eve wasn’t spent by the fireplace with some hot chocolate. No, instead these two men attended a charity soccer event in Norfolk, England. This is actually a royal tradition that has been practiced for decades. These princes kept up the tradition this year but changed it up slightly, instead of playing on opposing teams they decided to play with one another on the same team. This in turn made for some unique plays which showcased the prince’s athletics.

Prince William & Prince Harry

It should be expected that Prince Harry would be athletically fit as he used to be a part of the British Armed Forces, so much so that he participated in the Afghanistan War. Prince William on the other hand is starting to reach old age, now married with one child and a second on the way, his age was evident as a factor as his brother did have more stamina as well as shots on net. Never the less both of these prince’s had equal time on the field & both made astonishing players within the ninety minutes of game time.

These princes’ later met up with their family to spend the holiday’s with one another as Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton were not in attendance this year. Whatever the royal family has in store you can be ensured that Grandma (Queen Elizabeth II) will lead the way for the festivities with her loving family by her side.

Violence is an epidemic for the “Professional Greece Football League”. The league is plagued by violence, so much so that visiting teams aren’t allowed to have their fans attend the events as attacking and occasional murders used to be a result. This match which took place against Panathinaikos and archrival’s Olympaikos was canceled after Panathinaikos fans light flames & stormed their own beloved team’s gates. Once in the stands flares were shot at Olympaikos fans, the captain being injured in the process.


Police quickly arrived on the scene within only a minute as officers were only a hundred feet await from the gates. Those at the event were quoted by media officials with saying, “This was the most horrific riot I’ve ever seen.” And so much more. Apparently an un-identifiable amount of people were attacked in the process, fan on fan violence starting to occur. Players found themselves rushing from the field in order to stay hidden in the locker rooms, it wasn’t until two hours later when police cleared the back streets as being safe that players were allowed to leave the facility.

This issue is becoming so large that the league is unaware as to what they’re going to do in the future. Fans aren’t willing to end the violence which may cause for the league to be terminated. Hopefully this won’t happen but as violence increases, a player’s fear does as well, same with the coaches and referees. Olympaikos’s team manager had no statements to make to the media.

The Toronto Football Club, a soccer team that’s a part of Major League Soccer unfortunately are no longer a part of the MLS Playoffs. This nine year old MLS Team finally made their way to the playoffs for the first time in the clubs history but as one of the newer teams, older & more skilled team “The Montreal Impacts” were able to defeat TFC by 3-0. This has lead Toronto fans all over the city to be upset as this was the first time that their football team had made a mark in the MLS.


This means that both professional sporting teams in Toronto that were both in their respective playoffs lost to other teams. This has Toronto fans everywhere holding their heads in shame. It seems that Toronto is one of those cities that can never claim a title once again in the realm of hockey, baseball and soccer. The only team that does any good is the Toronto Argonauts, an American Football team.

Analysts and experts state that this is the coach’s fault as Toronto FC has individual players who do incredibly well on their own but they don’t interact with the rest of the team well. While the Montreal Impacts have individual incredible players who also work well with one another, making for a brutal and unstoppable force on the field.

It’s expected that the TFC Coach will be told to revise his coaching techniques or be fired so that a new coach can come on. The new coach will be told to get the individual players to work well as a team.

The National Women Soccer League is standing strong and happy today as it was revealed by Nike that they’ve extended their contract with the NWSL until 2019. This came as a shock as many suspected that Nike would opt out of extending the contract in order to go down other advertising avenues. Luckily this isn’t the case.


This sponsorship deal has been key to the survival of the NWSL as no other professional women soccer league in the United States of America has survived more than three years. The NWSL launched back in 2013, they’ve only operated for nearly three years but this extension on their contract ensures that they’ll be playing for at least another three years. It’ll make them the longest standing professional women soccer sporting league in US History.

This sponsorship extension has also allowed for these women to be granted with brand new Nike Football Shoe’s, Nike Apparel and Nike Uniforms for the team. This upgrade in their equipment could allow for the teams in this sporting league to have the extra boost they need. This in return could make the soccer they play for more exciting.
Nike will also be supplying the official game ball for the NWSL. This isn’t surprising as Nike is truly the biggest sporting giant in the world, they create all of the official game balls for an array of different sports. The biggest being basketball & soccer. Hopefully we will see the National Women’s Soccer League become beloved & famous in the upcoming years.

It’s always upsetting to see a man who has risked his life to protect the greater good pass away in the line of duty. That’s exactly what happened to Cst. Woodwall, age thirty five. He was shot in uniform while delivering court documents in June. This killing was a part of a lengthy hate crime investigation relating towards cops. Luckily the family behind this officer made a bad situation good by holding a charity soccer match in South Edmonton.

Cst. Woodwall

This charity fund was for the Woodwall family themselves, the mother of this officers two children stayed at home looking after the children. Unfortunately she will have to return to work in the upcoming months but until then the $15,000 raised should be more than enough to keep her a float as well as her children.

After the news and media showcased the story regarding this murder, Edmonton Citizens and fellow officers rallied towards helping this family in any way they could. Arsenal, a Premier League Team heard of how Cst. Woodwall loved their team. Due to this an entire set of signed FA Cup Final Jerseys were sent to Edmonton is hopes of raising more money. Nearly half of what was donated was thanks to these jerseys. Don’t think for one second that the murdered is going to be free, officers are working around the clock to find out who the killer was and have a series of suspects. The main suspect being Normal Walter Raddatz, age forty two.

Montreal is truly one of the more beautiful cities in North America, culture can be found around every corner as can kindness. This was apparent with the sixth annual Goal MTL Charity Soccer Tournament which was held at the Percival Molson Stadium, the MLS Stadium for Montreal. Thousands of people in the Montreal Community came out to the tournament to show their support for youth in the city, so many people attended that $40,000 was able to be raised for “Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre” and the “Montreal Community Cares Foundation”, both groups focusing on the development of youth in Montreal.

MTL Charity Soccer Tournament

This tournament consisted of twenty five different teams that all played each other in the course of the day. Local celebrities and soccer players from Montreal took it upon themselves to attend the event as well. Often when soccer players or local celebrities attend a soccer charity it means that they’ll be able to raise more money for whichever cause their working for.These all-star teams played soccer that could be considered the same as Major League, the stadium quickly had hundreds of people go into the stands to watch the events transpiring before them. Camille Ross, a well-known Canadian celebrity used her social media platforms and name to bring more of an audience to the Goal MTL Charity Tournament.

All in all it was said to be an incredible day for those who played, watched and provided services at the tournament. The youth in the city will benefit greatly from the $40,000 earned through the charity tournament.

Ben Affleck appears to be trying to make his name more popular across the European Union as he revealed earlier on last week that he is producing a FIFA crisis movie. This came as a shock as it has been less than a month since the end of this crisis but none the less Mr. Affleck is aware of how badly a European audience would want to see this film. After a long bidding war on the rights to “Houses of Deceit”, a book based around the events of the crisis that were made years to decades in the past Warner Brothers was able to purchase the rights to the film.


Ben Affleck has stated that they’ve chosen to base this film around Chuck Blazer, the American executive who found himself in the midst of this FIFA Crisis. Thanks to having Warner Brothers & Ben Affleck backing up this film it just won’t do well in Europe but it’ll also do well in Northern America. The new Batman himself just finished producing his current project “The Accountant” and will begin shooting this film sometime early on next year.

Gavin O’Connor, a famed director known for his work in “Warrior” & also just finished directing “The Accountant” will also be directing this new film as well. It appears that the two of these men are forming a powerful working relationship which could create immersive films for Hollywood & the rest of the world to enjoy.
We will keep you informed when more information relating to this film is released.

FIFA is in the media currently but not in the manner their used to. It was revealed weeks ago that millions upon millions of Euro’s & dollars throughout the last seventeen years. That the leaders of the FIFA Federation have been taking money secretly from sponsors, teams and more in order to benefit their own bankrolls. The result has been that more than eight people on the FIFA Council have been taken from their office, fired and scrutinized throughout the media.


This issue has become so bad that FIFA’s largest sponsors have begun saying that their willing to drop out of the next three world cups. Visa, Coca-Cola and many others, sponsors worth $25 Million every world cup have begun making these threats. The president of FIFA was re-elected yesterday as well which has shown the advertisers that these hidden bribes are still taking place or that money is still being stolen from the sponsors.

As of right now the European Union has stated that they’ll be going through all the proper motions in order to find any other money being stolen. The United States Government & Governments all around the world are also looking into this matter as this is a serious worldwide issues which has had millions stolen from countries all around the world. We shall inform you as to what happens with FIFA in the upcoming months, It’ll be interesting to see if this world wide league dies due to the greediness of its council in the next few months.

The soccer coach for the Richmond Football Club in British Columbia, Canada has now been placed under investigation. Richmond authorities have stated that on multiple occasions there have been reports that this coach has placed his hands on former players with two players have identifying proof. Last week a player, age 18 went to the authorities with his parents to show marks on his neck that were placed by his coach and have other players on the team vouch for his allegations. This has led to the once previous famed & beloved local coach to be hated amongst his community, it’ll possibly result in Mr. Roberto Sciascia to go to prison in the upcoming weeks.


Mr. Sciascia has already been arrested by the authorities but isn’t being placed into the local prison. As of right now he is staying in the country prison where he will await his trail. The situation doesn’t seem prosperous for this coach as plenty of previous players from the city and outside are attending this trail to say their piece. This story has rocked not only the local community of Richmond but surrounding areas as well as soccer coaches are meant to be role models that these children can look up to.

We shall inform you of what this coaches punishments are regarding him attacking multiple players throughout his years as a professional coaches. There have been moments in the past where this has happened before, coaches so consumed with winning that everything else is put in the dark.