Historic National Trust properties in Norfolk

Many of the beautiful and historic National Trust properties will open their doors to the public so that they may discover the beauties and history that lie behind the doors of these amazing estates. Special events are planned to accompany the tours and people should make plans to be involved.

Blickling Hall

From Wednesday until the following Monday Blickling House near Aylsham will be open from noon to 5 pm with the gardens open on extended hours from 10:15 am until 5:30 pm. The admission prices for both are £12 for adults and £6.50 for children. There is a family rate available should you be attending with a larger family group.

The home was once the estate of the Boleyn family in the 17th century and consists of almost 5,000 acres. The Long Gallery houses on of the most spectacular book collections that is known in England and included numerous rare books and first editions. As well, visitors can take in the amazing design details such as the hand worked plaster designs on the ceilings with newly restored paint, the exquisite furnishings and artwork and the Mortlake tapestries. The gardens are vibrant and lush with a planned seasonal blooming schedule that keeps them in bloom year round. Visitors may rent Segways or bikes for their tours and maps are available.

The following dates are best when planning to tour the different properties. April 30 – May 4 is best for Bluebell Walk. The Blickling Farm Walk is being held on May 3 with a Ghost Evening scheduled for May 19th. Join for the Spring Fair from May 24th to the 26th or plan to take part in the Estate Cycle Ride on June 15th.

Oxburgh Hall is another property worth investigating with the fees for visitors being slightly less at £8.50 for adults and only £4.25 for children. This mysterious property once housed the Bedingfeld family in the 15th century. Again the quality of furnishings and tapestries are superb and depict moments through England’s history. The property will host events such as the Easter Egg Trail on April 19th to the 21st as well as the Bat Walk on May 9th, the Costume Weekend following that on May 10th and 11th.

Other significant properties to consider visiting include Horsey Windpump, Sheringham Park, Felbrigg Hall, The Rotunda and Morston Quay. Some of these offer free admission to visitors includeing Sheringham Park and Morston Quay while the others offer affordable rates ranging from Rate £2.50 to £12.50 for adults, and £1 to £6.35 for children. Most also offer family rates and have events scheduled both indoors and outdoors throughout the Easter holidays and the remainder of spring to take advantage of with the children. Each of these properties have so much to see in terms of historic beauty and mystery and the gardens of each are landscaped to a high level of quality and can be enjoyed by all.

These hidden gems are all easily accessible for people in the Norfolk region and this is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the holidays with family.

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