One last attempt to save Wymondham’s Silfield Rooms

The owner of the Silfield rooms is making a final push to attempt to ensure that the community rooms will have the opportunity to remain in existence currently to avoid a possible fate of being turned into flats. The future appears to be risky for them at this point and the appeal is that people will support the facilities.

Saffron Housing, the current owner, is organising an open house at the facility located in Green Land, Wymondham hoping that those in the community that respect them will create a volunteer committee to manage the running of the community rooms now that the previous management has decided to move on to other ventures.


The open house is scheduled to occur on May 11th from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm and it will provided attendees with an opportunity to meet with people that have been involved in the process of management up to this point as well as the housing officer in the area. Committee members in attendance will also be available from other community rooms that exist in places such as Chedgrave and Diss and will be able to offer their expertise as to what will be required in the process for anyone that is willing to step into these roles.

The appeal was originally launched seeking volunteers to perform these duties in 2013 prior to the Christmas season and it is now at the point of dire necessity. The group has been engaging in meetings to source out possible solutions at to what can be done with the rooms in terms of their future usage. Some of the ideas that have been brought to the table include creating a tenants’ resource centre or using the rooms as a former shop. The centre has been highly underused in the past and this is a great chance for them to be utilized for additional areas of focus to make them more efficient.

At this point only a minimal number of people have expressed some interest in pursuing the responsibilities and from these volunteers, no one is ready to take on the greatest commitment of assuming the leadership roles of chairman, secretary or treasurer.

Claire Scholes who is the manager for customer involvement at the ownership company has said that she believes that the potential for the rooms to be converted into flats is highly likely. She believes that the open house will be one of the primary determining factors as to whether it is only one of the community rooms that meets this fate or if it will be both of them. The decision will be made almost immediately afterward.

One of the volunteers to sit on the committee is Diana Hockaday who sits on the Wymondham town councillor. Hockaday says that she thinks it would be a “huge shame” if the rooms were to be lost to the conversion of flats as they are among the only community based facilities that are in existence in the Silfield area. She say that while there are other areas where the community does gather such as pubs, rooms like the Silfield rooms are really in the heart of the community.

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