Ridgewell delighted about West Brom’s success at Norwich City

With a look of absolute delight spread across his face from ear to ear, it was easy to see how happy Liam Ridgewell was last week. He was almost bursting with the job of achieving an excellent victory and the look that he shared with fans was the greatest indication that things were running much more smoothly than recent media reports might have one believe.

Liam ridgewell

The bust up after Cardiff involving Said Berahino could have resulted in much worse consequences than it actually did. This could really have sent events reeling and the entire season may have had the capacity to completely fall apart. Instead the scrap that occurred at the Premier League event solidified the team commitment to the other members as well as to the match itself and those that come out to support the players every single time.

Ridgewell describes the experiences that unfolded as somewhat difficult in the weekend that preceded and this was an opportunity for the team to demonstrate to everyone, not the least of which, the competitors, that they were finally back on their game and ready to make an effort to really come back from the down cycle with which they had recently been plagued. He feels like they put on an outstanding performance to prove this and the centre back also alluded to the less than stellar happenings at the match. He says that many may look at the roughness as something of a fall out but he says that he and his team think that it instead shows a determined commitment to clinching a win. He says if that’s what it takes to come out the victor, he hopes that they’ll be able to duplicate such a performance on a weekly basis. Sometimes, he says, these are the kinds of occurrences that are necessary to take a situation that is downsliding and really turn it around. Ridgewell says that he feeling amongst the team in the dressing room later indicated that it was a real turning point in the game and really showed everyone that they were capable of great performances.
In the past, Ridgewell worked for Norwich head Chris Hughton when he was leading Birmingham and he says that he believes that the other team experiences an equal amount of tension and pressure to really bring their A-game to the table. He says he is sure that they went out onto the pitch with the same ambition to win the game just as much as the other team and that Hughton’s management style is really beneficial in maintaining Norwich’s standard. He knows that the team will do well under his leadership.

Ridgewell thinks that the results of the game have provided his team with a great deal more space within which to maneuver and takes a bit of the pressure off. The team is set to meet the Spurs at home next and he hopes that the team can extend the energy of this event into all of the games that will follow.

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