The Fairy Fair at Holt Hall

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to get your tickets, now on sale, for the Fairy Fair to be held at Holt Hall. The event is now in its thirteenth year and for all of this time it has been providing an amazing family quality adventure that is filled with creativity and magical happenings. The whimsical fair has grown in popularity for families in the area more and more each year.


The event will be held over the long weekend in May on the 25th and 26th. As expected, the activities and performers that audiences can expect will again be making an appearance to delight spectators of all ages. Come out to see the pixies that are walking about on their giant stilts. Sit and enjoy the wonderful storytelling sessions which will unravel fantastic tales for children. Get involved in the pirate pantomime and revisit those bygone days. Rimsky the cycling pianist will again be on hand to entertain the crowds and you can visit the troll in his den buried deep in the forest. The recreation of the mini pixie post office will delight kids and adults alike.

Plan to spend some time with the children who will be able to sign up and participate in training to become elves or fairies, a wonderfully adorable activity that will undoubtedly be very popular so arrive early to get in the queue to take part. Everyone is invited to pay a visit to the fairy queen and her king and to find out how one can make their own secret dens in the forest. Take a tutorial to learn how to build a little fairy house in the woods.

With the event being set on the Holt’s eighty six acre of beautiful gardens the event provides an amazing opportunity to welcome spring and enjoy the outdoors in the perfect weather. The ancient woods and the crystalline lake on the property are managed by the Fairy land Trust.

There is plenty to delight the grown up fans of fairyland as well with the Good Elf Beer tent open for their entertainment. Music will be provided at the beer gardens numerous favourites whose names everyone will recognize and enjoy throughout the course of the two days. Families can purchase their own little piece of fairyland where a small plot can be bought for 10pc to be made into a wild flower meadow.

The fair is organized by the Fairy land Trust and spokesperson Abbie Panks says that each year the event gets better. She claims that this year’s event is already becoming as magical as all of the ones from past years and now there are even more activities being planned. Panks says that the entertainment planned has expanded as well and the spring is shaping up for wonderful weather which will make enjoying this event in its beautiful natural setting even better. The organizers hope to engage the kids in nature and give them a renewed appreciation for all of the beauty to which they can be exposed in the area.

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