Tiffey Valley decision in August

The Feathers pub was packed to the rafters when it opened its doors to house a public townhall meeting to discuss the local submission by Wymondham to start building homes on the land that is in the vicinity of Tiffey Valley.


The plan has been extremely controversial up until this point and an announcement has been made that the decision will need to be made in August. Discussions and conversations are occurring among the local residents.

Local Member of Parliament for Mid-Norfolk, George Freeman, says that in the end there will be a final verdict on whether or not the application to construct seventy homes that will overlook the Wymondham Abbey will be approved and subsequent to that, other decisions will also be made. August 8th will be the deadline for the decision and numerous discussions will occur between now and then in order to determine what the best choice will be for the community.

The final decision will land in the hands of Eric Pickles who is the Communities Secretary. He and his department will be responsible for reviewing the plans and they will determine the future course of action for the use of the land.

MP Freeman was integral in moving the process forward as he constructed a letter to the minister and has stated that, in his opinion, he feels that the result of the decision would send a particularly devastating message to the residents of Wymondham and it is his belief that the construction of the 70 homes would bear a significant impact on the appearance of the area that surrounds Tiffey Valley and the abbey.

The residents have been adamantly urged by the Member of Parliament to be in touch with the political entities to express their dissatisfaction with the impending building plans. Letters to the under-secretary for parliamentary planning, Mr. Nick Boles, are encouraged. He, in turn, will approach the Department for Communities and Local Government in an effort to have them reject the application to build homes on Chapel Lane.

The application has been very controversial and has been in circulation since 2011 and while many discussions have been made throughout the course of three years, the decision is still outstanding. A petition is in circulation and residents are asked to sign it in support of a negative decision with regard to the construction plans moving forward.

Tiffey Valley is a beautiful stretch of natural land that incorporates numerous walking and hiking trails that provide the community with endless hours of public enjoyment. It also houses historical buildings such as the Wymondham Abbey and the Cemetery Chapels as well as many more. These have been existed for hundreds of years and are of enormous historic value. The beauty and history that is employed within this area is one that should be protected and valued and not sold for the purpose of commercial use such as development. While the organizations will in all likelihood be conscious of this value, the presence of the development would significantly mar the natural beauty.

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