West Brom Albions loses to the Canaries on Carrow Road

The West Bromwich Albions went down after meeting with the Norwich City Canaries at they went on to snag a 4-0 win to decide the match after their terrible trip to Swansea. The last goal went to Norwich City’s Jonny Howson. Prior to the game, the team had erected a number of motivational notices in the dressing room to raise their spirits after being crushed in their recent games away from home.

Wes Hoolahan

Against a meek Sunderland playing 4-4-2, playing two central midfielders was a working call and gave Wes Hoolahan the kind of open play where he really shines. In the end, having to play against a side with a 5 man midfield that maintained possession most of the time, it didn’t work out well. City was continuously outnumbered at middle and kept being pushed back, with the pressure growing. With Hoolahan opening up a space on the left for Martin Olsson, the Liberty Stadium game was quickly falling apart for City.

City was immensely exposed on their defensive end in a game where they really should have been able to keep possession for a greater time than their opponents. Their record in away games is growing worse all the time, scoring only 8 points while traveling in a total of sixteen games. This is a huge disappointment for the fans and they are calling for improvement in game management. With more an a thousand fans traveling to South Wales to support the team, they are playing the greater role of hero for the team.

You have to give the team credit for their loyalty to their fan base, however, as they offered to repay them for their costs after the disappointment game. Fans only interest was to see their boys make it up to them on the pitch and want their team playing a more committed game while traveling. They do show up on their home pitch pretty consistently so they’ll be safe with a couple more wins under their belt.

The last two game, though, will not be on Callow Road and will instead be in Arsenal and Liverpool, leaving fans hoping for the best while the team is away. West Bromwich tie last week with Cardiff feels more like a loss with the fall of a two goal lead, the failure to close out must have been quite a blow.

What it appears to be superficially is that both sides are plagued by a defeatist attitude as they venture forward in the game and the Carrow Road game gave some buoyancy to the Canaries, finally. Their defense has been able to shut out really strong teams like Manchester City or the spurs but they have to put a great deal more energy into the front end to make it happen for them. They’ll need the extra points to survive and move forward and with the show they’ve made of themselves out on the road is worrisome. They’ll need to work hard to survive.

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