West Brom defeat stirs reaction

Graham Dorrans fired off at Russell Martin on Saturday when Norwich City met its demise again West Brom at Carrow Road. Relations went horribly awry between the managers and tempers flared. The Canaries have done their very best to continue to proceed through the many levels of English football and that was primarily tied to the loyalty of the fans and the players gratitude in that regard. But when both John Ruddy and Russell Martin were harangued by supporters and were victimized by abuse by fans, a definitive rift is developing between the two factions.

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Fans called for the firing of manager Chris Hughton and flung clap banners at players as they jeered and booed their discontent. With only another week before the team again meets up with the fans, it’s safe to say that either side will still be feeling resentment and the bond between the two is fractured but not entirely broken…yet.

Martin says that he can definitely relate to the level of frustrationn that the fans may be experiencing at this stage of the season and that he knows they fear for the team’s standing in the league. He also qualifies, however, that the withdrawal of fan support cannot possibly improve upon the situation. He says that now, more than ever, they need everyone behind them.

The team was booed off the pitch not only at the end of the game but at half time as well and Martin says that some of the comments crossed a line for him. He knows that the team has good fans and he understand their disappointment but he reiterates that the players feel it too and they need fan support.

There is no surprise expressed, however, at the volatility from the stands. People have felt the tension building and perhaps it needed to occur. City has had a number of issues over the season, mainly in their traveling games, so it was definitely a sore spot for them to be exposed to such acrimony at home.

Martin concedes that the team’s play left much to be desired and that they were maybe trying too hard to come back from some bad plays. He says they needed to go back after halftime re-energized and that didn’t happen. He feels like the lads are really discouraged and that it’s more and more difficult to turn the situation around. The fans turning on the players only exacerbates that for the team and they are feeling immensely defeated. Martin agrees that West Brom really showed up in their play and deserved the win.

He feels like the team has to find a way to soldier through these moments of disappointment if they hope to turn things around as coming back from behind is just one part of the match. He says there is no lack of effort on the part of the players but the mental attitude depletes when a goal is conceded. He says the commitment can’t be questioned and perhaps it is just a matter of quality.

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