Wymondham Athletics Club event draws record participants

The Wymondham Athletics Club has managed to attract a record number of participants to compete in the 20 mile running event that is scheduled to happen. Local runners have created quite a flurry of excitement in signing up to run this race as one of the many events that the club is creating in order to train and prepare its members to be able to viably compete in marathon events in larger centres such as London.

Wymondham Athletics Club

The Wymondham Athletics Club has run the 20 mile race on their rolling course in many previous years and the turnout increase each and every year. Gratefully, the event this year was blessed with sunny weather although that was very much in question in the weeks and days leading up to it as the winter this year has served up some pretty severe conditions. Although the sun was shining, runners were smacked with the additional challenge of having to fight against some heavy winds and while they didn’t serve to make the temperatures uncomfortable, they did add some additional force to push up against. Runners had to dig deep to summon that stamina to continue in their pursuit and they truly did do that.

Some runners turned out exceptional performances such as Craig Holgate who is a part of Ely Runners. He put out an excellent effort in his runs, continuously grabbing the lead and overtaking others in the course. His finishing time was 1 hour, 56 minutes and 57 seconds for the top spot. Chris Merrylees followed him over the finish line in just one short minute after Holgate. Right on his tail with a finishing time of 1 hour 58 minutes and 44 seconds was Dominc Blake from the Reepham Runners, grabbing 3rd place. The three ran neck and neck throughout the course of the race, pacing each other and at some points, it really could have gone to any of them but Holgate was the strongest and really pulled forward. Local club man, Andy Terry, came in with a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes and 26 seconds which placed him 17th overall in the club age group of 40-44.

Other runners also really put in some outstanding work. Marie French had an awesome run, throwing all her energy into the course and came in as the top female overtaking her rivals on more than one occasion as she ran although a quick pushed start almost cost her stamina. Her victory time was 2 hours, 20 minutes and 38 seconds. Following French in second place from the women was Anne Swift with an additional seven minutes on her run and Karen Doak came in third two minutes later.

It is because of the immense amount of support from all the members of the club, volunteers and organizers that this race is possible and the club extends their gratitude to all that contributed including the St. John Ambulance team and the generous hosts the ExServicemen’s Club.

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